Март 19, 2019

Evac focusing in life-cycle services development

Evac aims to be a life-cycle partner to its customers in the marine, offshore and building industries. Related to this goal, Evac is now investing heavily in the development of its services.

“The recent acquisitions of the Cathelco Group (including Hydro-Electrique Marine (HEM) and Echo Marine) and our former representative Transvac Systems are closely linked to our goal of being a true life-cycle partner for our customers”, says Tomi Gardemeister, President and CEO, Evac Group.

“The UK based Transvac Systems, has, for instance, specialized in the servicing of wastewater treatment systems, sanitary systems and ballast water treatment systems for naval and various other ship types and offshore platforms. HEM in France and Echo Marine in Mallorca, in turn, are well known service partners focusing especially on super yachts”, continues Gardemeister.

Evac’s integrated water and waste management systems, as well as corrosion protection systems, help to decrease the environmental footprint of our customers by saving fresh water and energy, but also by lengthening the life-cycle of their vessels, offshore platforms, wind parks and buildings.

Our services begin by designing our customers’ processes and systems which are efficient, cost effective and comply with the relevant specifications and standards.

Our comprehensive offering means that customers can purchase all of their services and cleantech solutions from a single supplier which simplifies coordination and integration. It also means there is the convenience of a single point of contact throughout the life-time of the equipment when maintenance or modifications are required.

In the initial stages, one of the advantages of our integrated systems is that they use similar interfaces and this makes training, supervision and management much easier.

After a period of time, spare parts or servicing may be required and this is where Evac’s after-sales service comes into play with representatives in almost 70 countries who can provide fast, reliable spare parts delivery. “Today, Evac has service hubs in North America, Northern Europe and Southern Europe. The establishment of new hubs is under planning”, highlights Ken Postle, President of global service business area.

Over the years, customers’ requirements can change as the result of updated legislation or because vessels operate in different areas where special conditions apply such as Alaska or the Baltic Sea. The relevant system updates are answered by Evac’s designers who can look at all the related needs such as logistics and available space on board. They will then plan the optimal system and examine all the installation requirements and either carry out the installation or supervise the work. ”We have excellent references of marine refit projects conducted both at dry-dock and also at sea during operations”, comments Postle.

At every stage in the life of your vessel or construction, we ensure that our Evac Complete Cleantech Solutions continue to provide reliable, cost-effective operation through the support of our highly skilled designers and engineers.

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